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jenis Genteng yang Biasa Digunakan Sebagai Atap Rumah

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Types of Tiles Commonly Used As House Roofs

The type of tile chosen should be light enough but strong and durable, does not require maintenance, and is not flammable, according to the budget, and last but not least, must be in harmony with the design of your home.

Come on, check the shape and type of tile which is most suitable for your minimalist home. Asphalt Tile

This tile made from a mixture of wood fiber and asphalt is becoming a trend. This type of tile as you can see from Premo Roofing is claimed to have many advantages.

First, asphalt tile can be used in almost any roof truss. You can use it with wooden roofs, mild steel, to concrete. Second, this type of tile is flexible, strong, and fire resistant. Third, this tile is claimed to be leak-proof because of its layered and wide shape. Fourth, the model tends to be simple and very suitable for minimalist homes. The color choices also vary, so you just have to adjust it to the color of the walls of your house. Installation is also practical and can be done in a short time.

However, there is one thing you need to pay attention to. This type of tile also has weaknesses, namely the price is quite high and the installation must be done by experts. You can't just hand it over to a builder. Likewise if it is damaged. You should contact a professional repairman to repair the roof.

Concrete Tile

You need a sturdy tile to be durable and strong against the weather? Well, you can consider using a type of tile made of concrete.

Concrete roof tiles are made of cement, sand and  fly ash , which is ash from coal combustion. Concrete tiles do not require special care, and last (very long) up to 50 years. Especially if you choose the right product and apply it correctly.

Because of this material component, concrete tile is also fire resistant and does not leak easily. Although made of concrete, this tile has quite a variety of shapes and colors, making it easy to adjust to the shape of the roof frame and your minimalist home concept.

Even so, concrete roof tiles have some drawbacks. One of them is in terms of weight. Concrete roof tiles are slightly heavier than other types of roof tiles and this can overload the residential structure. To outsmart these shortcomings, you need at least a mild steel frame for support. https://jasabikinkaoslenganpanjang https://

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